Simple Living, Intentionally

My mind can’t handle too many choices. Honestly, having a lot of stuff brings more anxiety than joy. We live in a material world, and I fall into the temptation to participate in that often. When I get back to basics and remember why I have “things”, it puts life into a better perspective.

For many years, it’s been common knowledge that I don’t place much sentimental value on physical items. I just don’t. Now, of course certain things like certain jewlery and photos are very sentimental, but still… it’s just stuff.

I go through items on a regular basis and use these three questions to decide if it’s worth keeping. If it meets ANY of the criteria, I keep it. If not, I donate or trash it.

Have I used it within the last 12 months? If it’s been and ENTIRE year and I haven’t found a reason to use it, it gets donated. Holding on to an item for the “someday” is not my style. This provides an entire cycle of holidays and seasons to find an opportunity to put it to use.

Does it serve a purpose? The item should have a reason that it’s among the items I decide to keep. If it’s not being utilized, I donate it.

Does it provoke good feelings? For too many years I held on to clothes and home items that I didn’t even like. They didn’t make me feel good when I saw or used them. Negative thoughts come too naturally to me anyway, I don’t need stuff sitting around that feeds that emotion.

Now, don’t go on a toss purge or feel overwhelmed by the need to get rid of your stuff. This has been a process that I’ve been journeying on for the last five years. It takes time, and it can be emotionally difficult for some people. Do this at your own pace. Don’t make it a stressful process. If it begins cause more anxiety than keeping the stuff, take a break. Revisit it at a later date. Take it slow if you need to. It should feel a bit freeing as you do it.

Remember, “stuff” isn’t always bad. Many things are great blessings! It becomes harmful when we begin to put more value on our physical things, than the state of our hearts.


Styling Fix

One of my passions is fashion and style. Fun little fact, I actually have a Bachelor’s Degree in Textile & Apparel Merchandising.

As a stay-at-home mom, I don’t have abundant opportunities to express my love for all things vogue.

I’ve learned to embrace my style with the opportunities that I DO have. Right now, those come in the form of playdates, girl’s nights, family outings and date nights. This little corner on the web is my way of sharing it with you. I hope that you feel inspired to find your style.

Don’t try to be someone else, I tried that for WAY too long. Follow along with people that compliment what YOU love, not what’s the latest trend.

Time for shopping is also not an easy thing to come by in this season either. I found Stitch Fix over a year ago, and it’s changed how I shop. I have a profile with my style and a photo of me. They have a stylist that picks out items that fits my style. They send it, I keep what I want and send everything else back. The more feedback you give, the better your style match will be.

The three outfits today are inspired by the items from my last box. The top two were shirts and below is the dress. I was able to incorporate items that I already had, with these simple pieces to make a whole new look.

Take what you have and wear it differently each time. Occasionally, incorporate a new piece or two if you need some variety. There are no style rules, anything goes these days!

Grocery Haul

Aldi is my grocer of choice, for the most part. I can get everything that I typically buy there, so it makes things pretty simple. Plus, the prices are very affordable.

My general philosophy is to shop the perimeters of the store. (Now, I just go to certain sections of my Instacart shopping and pick from there.) Here’s the most common items I buy.

I’m not a meal planner. Typically, don’t have any idea what I’m going to make when I grocery shop each week. However, I buy similar items each time. I use my ingredients differently, which makes for a nice variety of meals. My method…. Use up the ingredients that are going to go bad first. Not super technical. Hope this helps to simplify your next grocery trip. I’ll have some recipes coming here soon!