We such a fun and relaxing Easter. Started with our early rising kids and Easter baskets! Let’s be real, candy was their breakfast, and we took it slow before heading to church. What a beautiful day to celebrate our Risen Savior! Our joy comes from the One who promises hope in Him, Jesus.After church was a delicious brunch at Nina & Papa’s with cousins. The 100 count egg hunt was so fun to do. These moments are so treasured.


Great Wolf Lodge

This was our first time at a place that lots of our friends have already been. Many families had told us how wonderful it was. So we got a deal on Groupon and off we went!

Lots of surprises….The kids had no idea we were going on a trip until that morning. Then we didn’t tell them where, until we got there. Bonus…. we had actually planned to go with friends. So, that was another fun surprise when we got settled in our room and they knocked on our door.

The main attraction is of course the indoor water park. We had so much fun and I was such a mama bear, that I missed all the photo ops of the water park portion…. whoops! Thankfully my girl Jess has my back and took some cute ones.

I appreciated the kid activities they offered all day. We did some cookie decorating, personalized balloons, dance parties, story time & Mario Kart competitions.

The arcade and candy shop were quite a hit as well.

The best part, by far, was spending some time away with my loves and dear friends. Very special memories made and feeling refreshed.

Marriage Matters: Communication

Almost ten years of marriage has taught us a few things. We by no means, have it all figured out, but does anyone? Ever? Thankfully, by God’s grace we have endured thus far, and continue to learn.

Obviously, marriage has so many different components, I couldn’t begin to touch them all in one post. Today we’re focusing on communication, addressing other topics in the future.

Communication is one of the basic reasons the there’s conflict in marriage. Lack of can bring up issues that may produce conflict. Here’s a few things that we have learned that encourage keeping those avenues open.

  1. Set aside time to talk. Morning, noon or night. Set a designated time (we do 1 hour after the kids are in bed), with no other distractions to just talk. You’ll be surprised at some of the conversations that come up once you start chatting.
  2. Share a mutual calendar. We share a virtual one, but you could do a physical one too. This way there’s no surprise when an event comes up that your spouse may have planned.
  3. Be honest. Seems simple, but I’m talking about those little frustrations that come up. Talk about them while they’re still little things, eventually they’ll grow into bigger ones. **However, take time to consider your motivations and presentation when you bring it up. Make sure you’ve got a sincere heart of love. If not… wait until you are.