Yay, Snow!!!!

It’s finally here!!! The El Niño weather this year has totally thrown me off. For a girl that prefers winter and snow, I’ve had to wait pretty patiently this year. Yesterday was the day! It finally felt like winter in these parts. 

I spent the morning cozied up with a good read, coffee, and 2 sleeping babies. While our family’s early birds were out and about, taking care of business. 

 We eventually made our way out into the elements to fully participate in the frosty fun to be had.   

The boys were more excited than they could contain! That joy seems a bit contagious when they’re around.  



We wrapped up the night with pizza, a movie and ice cream. I’d say it wasn’t to shabby, especially from a kid’s view. 

I’ll take a whole lot more of you winter. I like you a lot….. Maybe cause I’m undoubtedly becoming a homebody, whether I’ll admit it or not. Quite frankly, winter makes my family feel a whole lot cozier!  


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