a little behind

Not doing so well with keeping up with these monthly photos. So, here’s an update with whatever pics I can come up with closest to her monthly b-day. Whoops, sorry Ashton. Guess that comes with the territory of being the 3rd. Man, I swore I’d never be one of those parents…. “my kids would always have equal amounts of pictures taken of them”. Yeah, well, we do..kind of. Just not quite as organized or structured monthly photos like we did with the boys. Oh well, here  they are.

In the last 2 months, she’s started waving, saying “ah-a”(her version of “uh-oh”), army crawling & eating pretty much all big kid food along with about 3 bottles a day. She’s becoming quite a little lady. Still the sweetest thing, and smiles with her whole face. We adore her more than she quiet grasps. She’s brought a completely new dynamic to our home, and we love it!



AND… the rest!


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