Go Girls!!!

Now this is a BEAUTIFUL sight!!!!! 

 Yep, that’s 20, yes 2-0 fresh eggs from our girls! Mind you… It’s been a few days since I’ve gone out to collect, but wooohooo!! This is something we’ve never experienced.

We got these chickens and ducks as babies, almost a year ago. They begin to lay around September. Nothing too crazy, about 2-4 eggs a day. Then it got cold… They stopped! We’ve had nothing for months. 
Fast forward….I found someone to take the ducks that were in the run with them. I thought they  were stressing the hens out, so they had to go. Now, they’re laying like crazy!!!! It may have had something to do with a few warmer days last week and the daylight hours are gradually increasing. Anyway, whatever it is, I like the sight of it. Keep going girls!!!!! I just hate paying for organic eggs and organic/GMO free chicken feed. Guess we’re set with eggs for a bit. Anyone want an omelet!?!

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