A day in the life

Yesterday I actually took some pics of what our “typical” day looks like. Just in case anyone is wondering…. 

 Running, jumping, lots of yelling, meltdowns for being too hot, some unecessary roughness, and of course some whining thrown in there…. However, that’s the way it goes around here sometimes. 

 And sometimes,  it looks like this… Actually playing together…. These moments make my heart so happy! 

Meanwhile, I throw in a little laundry here and there.  

 Then it’s lunch and then naps. Yep, that’s right…. I let them watch the iPad during lunch. It’s just what works for us. 

The afternoon is pretty much a repeat of this, until daddy gets home. Every now & then we throw in some extra excitement and run an errand or two, or three. I like to get it all done while I’m out, one trip. 

Anyhow, no day ever looks the same. Sometimes they’re crazy, sometimes they’re somewhat calm. Some days I feel like I’m losing my mind, and some days I go with it much easier. These kids are so resilient though. They are pretty amazing! 


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