Why Raw Milk?

Yes, thats right, we drink it around here….. Before you get too excited/nervous, let me explain a few reasons why we’ve chosen this route. For additional info, you can visit here or here.

  1. The vitamins, minerals, good bacteria, amino acids, enzymes and omega 3 fatty acids are amazingly present in milk. However, in pasteurized milk (store bought), many of those beneficial elements are stripped during the process. Raw milk contains all of the natural beneficial elements that it originally contains. Ultra-Pasturization (high heat to provide longer shelf life) and Homogenization (keeps milk & cream from separating) are  causing milk to become a very processed food.
  2. It is much more digestible than pasteurized milk. Many people who have dairy aversions are able to easily digest raw milk.
  3. I can make my own milk kefir from it. (I’ll show you how in another post)
  4. It’s downright delicious, especially that cream in my coffee!

Now, I just want to make clear… I cannot stress this enough! KNOW YOUR FARMER, VISIT YOUR FARM, make sure you can TRUST YOUR FARMER. These things are all SO, SO important when deciding to use their products. You MUST make sure there facilities & cows are clean & disease free. This is CRUCIAL! Plus, it is oh, so gratifying when you drive up and see your cows in the pasture and know, “thats where my milk comes from”.  To find a raw milk near you, visit here.

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