A good day

Last Sunday was rainy and cold… So my adventurous husband told the kids we’d go to the Botanical Gardens. 

  Didn’t make much sense to me, and I REALLY wasn’t feeling up to going. He packed everyone and all their gear up, and stopped to get whatever food I wanted for lunch. So, we went…. I didn’t want to be the party pooper. 
I’m so glad we did! Watching these kids get SO excited over the beautiful plants and the wonderful aroma was enough to lift my spirits.     
  It stopped raining, so we basically had the entire place to ourselves. We are learning so much about how much influence we have on our kids. They totally feed off us. They thought this place was the greatest place on earth!   

  I’m so glad my husband serves and loves our family so well. He forces me out of my comfort of preferring things to be easy. He knows what I really need, and that’s to get out. 

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