Yes, it’s definitely been too long…. The days and weeks have just gotten away from me. Life has been just plain busy! Full of…. I don’t really know what…. Ok, a couple big things, but nothing SUPER major. Snapped this pic this morning and HAD to share. They definitely have my heart! 


1. We finally brought home our RV!!! Yay! We bought it, brought it home for 2 days, and had to take it right back to the shop. For 8 WEEKS, yes that’s right… We waited and waited… There were some things that were supposed to be repaired before we picked it up, but guess they got looked over. Whoops! Anyhow, we’ve got some trips planned in the near future, and are looking forward to those! 

2. Back to the RV… We had some renovations and updating that we wanted to do, and will continue working on. That’s taken quite a bit of time too. Pics to come… I promise! 

3. Our outdoor/free barn cat got into a fight last week and spent the weekend at the vet. Correct..that equals a pretty $$$$! He has all the sudden become much more valuable to us. He’s doing ok, just has a broken leg & has to stay indoors for 6-8 weeks. Guess he’s gonna become more of an indoor/outdoor cat after all. 

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