First Time Fishin’

The boys have been asking to go for a little bit now, so Saturday was the day! We went and got new poles, bait, and all the gear. Took a picnic lunch and headed to the state park near our house.  We sat and ate in the shade, while the boys put their poles together and practiced casting. It was beautiful….shaded with a cool breeze blowing at just the right times. Next, we headed down to the lake. Ashton and I watched from afar. 

Then we decided to go down a little closer to the water. The boys were quieter than I’d heard them in months… They had even caught a tiny fish! Yay!!!! 

 Until we came along… Our little lady thought it was the perfect opportunity to shout, and make her attempt at “yell talking”. Whoops, don’t guess the firlshermen appreciate that very much. It’s ok, it was getting to my “too hot” temp anyway, so we made our way back up the hill and took a little walk. Not sure the girls will be invited on their next fishing trip.
 It was all worth it to see those boys get to experience it all for the first time. Sounds like there’s another outing in the works very soon!  

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