Days Go By

These days have just been getting away from me..and I’ve been a total slacker taking pics. So, in a recap of, hmmmm… 3 WEEKS, here’s a few photos to get you up to date! 

Our Oregon family was here for a week, and we got to spend TONS of time together. Which was so, so good! I loved seeing the kids really get to know each other. 

Went to Grant’s Farm, fed the goats and sweated A LOT! However, they do have free beer tasting! 

I’m 28 week pregnant now…. Man, it’s flying by!!!

Did our annual county fair run. My kids are suckers for fairs!

Our Sweet Girl learned to take calculator selfies and say “cheese”. I snuggled some babies.

And…. The latest… We got to spend some fun days with our cousin, and the girls had some quality “girl time”! 

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