Screen time limits

The amount of screen time for these darlings had gotten WAY out of control!!! I mean… Bad! I had all the excuses…I hadn’t feeling the greatest, it was too hot outside, I’m pregnant & tired, on & on….. 

I had an idea it was impacting the attitudes of these little brains, but had NO idea how much. After all, they were watching mostly “educational” things. I was even learning things from what they watched.

 I knew I should probably begin to reign it in, but was quite frankly too lazy. I didn’t want to put up with the tantrums and discipline that it would require to make any real changes. Until…I read THIS phenominal article. It was TOTALLY me! I had just had 2 cry fests that week, feeling like attitudes our house were out of control! It hit me! We needed to implement it, NOW! Then, I came across THIS ONE. It was the confirmation we needed. 

So, we did. It’s been 2 weeks. Now, we haven’t eliminated ALL screen time. However, have made MAJOR cutbacks. Usually, 1 move/show/game a day (that they have to come to a mutal agreement about), and no individual iPad time. 

 The result is more amazing than I would have ever imagined! Really, I am blown away by the things they come up with to entertain themselves. They even have a rekindled love for books and learning. I feel much more confident about taking on some homeschool intro in a couple of weeks. 

Now, I’m not saying every day is perfect… There’s still tantrums, disobedience, fighting, and the house is much louder, sometimes messier! That’s just kids, it’s reality! Overall, a much more pleasant place to be though. 

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