Funny Kids

He wants his oranges in a mug & she needs to wear her swim floaties when it’s 25 degrees outside. Then he thought, “hmm…I need mine too”.  Later it was Spider-Man masks & card games. We had salami, cheese & avocados for dinner.

It’s never a dull moment in our house, for sure. Really though, these specifics are super important to them. They were both very insistent that they had they had these items. 

What a good reminder to me! The stuff I value as important, isn’t necessarily what they see. They could care less if the house is clean or dinner is hot. They love to play, be goofy, watch movies,  & transform themselves into whatever their imagination makes them. They want me, my attention, my love, my affection… & occasionally some food & rarely sleep. If only I could keep this in mind…

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