Winter love

I really love winter… I know, it’s not the popular opinion. I just do though. Even worse, I love when we’re snowed or iced in. Probably because there’s nowhere that I HAVE to go. Today, as the temps drop & the water freezes outside, I smile! 

There’s a few reasons why:

 1) I hat being hot, summer is NOT my jam. When everything is sticky and sweaty. Yuck! I’d much rather bundle up than have to strip down. 

2) It forces us to stay in & slow down. We get lots of cozy family time on these days, always a plus! 

3) It adds excitement to life! Snow & ice forces everyone out of their normal routine. We learn to be flexible & that we aren’t in control. Plus, it’s like a little surprise in life that we all get to experience. 

With that said, I’m going to go snuggle up, stay warm & maybe even crack a book after the kids go to bed. 

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