Cold Weather Gear

Cold weather  with 4 kids & their gear can be quite cumbersome. Especially when there all 5 & under. That means they all need help putting it on. Also, we live in a 1.5 story house, so all the kids rooms are upstairs. Clearly, always running up there  is not ideal. 

I’ve found a couple solutions that work for us. It makes getting out the door a smoother, not by any means easy, but a more routine process. 

All kids shoes on a behind the door hanger in the laundry room. 

Hats & gloves are in another hanging organizer in the laundry room as well. 

Their jackets, our coats & bags are stored on hooks by the door. Each person has a hook or two, so it’s easier to distinguish who’s is who’s. 

I keep the kids heavy coats & one extra set of gloves and hat for each, in the under floor storage compartment in our van. That way we don’t have to tote it back & forth when needed. 

There’s nothing too complicated or groundbreaking about it, but it helps me.

I don’t mind doing it either. The sight of little kids bundled up is quite adorable after all. 

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