This kid

Oh my, this kid…. He’s somethin…. I knew I was in trouble with him from the beginning! He is, and always has been the most content, flexible, joyful & easy going person I’ve ever known. It is a true gift. 

He inspires me daily to be happy with whatever circumstances come my way. He is full of joy and goes with the flow. This is Brooks, it’s who he’s been since birth. 

This morning I could tell, things were beginning to look rough. The rest of us were on edge, and needed some intervention. I pulled out my Peace & Calming.  Applied it to all except him. He’s never needed it. He’s got enough of his own on reserve. Thankfully, the oils quickly took effect, and we had a good day. 

Anyway… thanks Brooks for being you. For always reminding us what true contentment looks like. 

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