Merry Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. Our family has been abundantly blessed in so many ways this year. We know that it’s only because of our Savior’s birth that we possibly get to enjoy any of these gifts. Here’s a few things to recap our year:

1. Found out we were pregnant w/ baby #4  in January  “We are SO excited!!! We’re gonna have 4 KIDS!?! Oh my…..”

2. Ashton turned 1 in February “Our sweetie is growing up too quick!”

3. Bought our first RV in March “Did we REALLY just buy an RV!?!”

4. Went to our first ever REI garage sale in April.  Definitely been back! “We learned it’s NOT  a very kid friendly event though, …whoops!”

5. Took our first family RV trip to Michigan Dunes in May. “Yay, we did it!”

6. Completed a 9 day trip to Colorado with friends in June & celebrated Brooks’ 3rd birthday. “That was exhausting/ awesome!”

7. Spent some quality time w/ our Oregon family while the visited in July. “Love getting some quality time w/ them!”

8. Went on a trip to Nashville, IN to see Brown County State Park and the covered bridges that they’re famous for. “Beautiful Country” 

9.  Took the boys to a Cardinals game with front row seats & got 3 baseballs handed to them by coaches & players “Those were some sweet seats!”

10. Baby #4, Walker is born!!! “We’re in awe of him, welcome to the crew buddy!”

11. Our firstborn turned 5!!!! “How can that be!?!”

12. Here we are, the end of another year! I’ve begun attempting to have more of any online presence & join the technology  train. “It’s so much fun & frankly, somewhat therepudic!”

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