Sleep Routines: WEPS or WPES

Wake, Eat, Play, Sleep OR Wake, Play, Eat, Sleep….. everyone’s baby routine looks different. Including this one Ashton uses for her baby…. like putting her cell phone, diaper bag & food in the bed with her. I guess that’s what works for her! 

Really though, every mom & baby combo needs something a little different. I’ve found what works best for me & most of my babies.

It’s changed & I’ve learned a lot since my firstborn. I typically feed on demand & I’m not much for a super structured baby routine. However, it seems like we get in a groove & this is how it pans out. Seems that it’s the natural progression of what my baby needs.

It’s WEPS.  Almost immediately after the baby wakes, I’ll feed them & change their diaper. Then, they remain awake for another hour or so, depending on age. After that, I’ll get a cue from a first whimper & know they’re beginning to get tired. Then I go put them down before they get over tired.

If I wait too long, it’s more of a chore to get them asleep. They may require another short feeding, and additional rocking until completely out!

If I catch them at that sweet spot where they’re in the beginnings of drowsiness, it’s a breeze. They may require a short rocking, then off to sleep. Smooth!

That being said…. I do my best to work things out this way. However, you know,  there’s just those days that things are a little off… like last night!

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