Keto Helpers

Some of you may know we’ve been doing this crazy “diet” thing called Keto for about the last 6 months. Here’s a few more facts about what it is, why we do it, & products that we find helpful. 

What is the ketogenic diet? 

    -In basic terms, it’s a high fat/low carb lifestyle.  This meaning that instead of your body burning up carbs and sugar for energy, it’s burning fats & then moves on to stored fat.  We’ve both seen dramatic weight loss & feel much more engergized when we stick to it! 

Why Keto? 

     -We keep doing it because we feel great when we do! Neither of us have ever felt better than when we stick to it. We’ve seen weight loss, clearer thoughts, more patience, better skin, reduced allergies, etc…. the list could go on. So, in short, we believe it’s the healthiest lifestyle for our family. 

Now, we only started because earlier this year we were both getting sick a lot… like a couple times a month. My hubby went to a holistic doc & he put him on a diet that looks very similar to keto. Basically, his body doesn’t break down carbs like it should. So, this is what he had to do! I wasn’t on board at first….. it was “his thing” and seemed too restricted for my liking. That was hard for him, really hard. 

I kept getting sick though…Finally, I thought it was worth a shot. I was cooking keto friendly for him anyway, so I might as well join in. At that point it became a partnership. We were in it together & made things much more successful! 


In beginning, the adjustment was difficult. Basically, our grocery shopping list had to look different. Once we got that figured out, it’s been super easy! Makes meals & shopping so simple. I pretty much buy the same things every week & make different combos of food with them. (Thanks to the book in the pic above). 

However, there are a few things that we always try to keep on hand. They make sticking with it much easier & we just really like them. Bulletproof Coffee Ingrediants: coffee, butter, homemade vanilla, coconut oil, heavy whipping cream

Dry Red Wine: Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. This brand, 14 Hands is our fav.

Kerrygold Butter, because, it’s just good & from grass fed cows. Oh, & Irish, so it must be good. 

Eggs, Avocados & Extra Sharp Cheddar. Tillimook is our fav cause it’s local to Oregon & we’ve been to the factory. It’s delicious & we love most Oregonite things! 

The final & biggest lifesaver are these Peanut Butter  Fudge Fat Bombs. The recipe is in the book above. Man, they curb those sugar cravings when they come up!

All of that being said…. we don’t always do this perfect by any means. However, when we do stick to it, the results are astonishing! 

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