New School

Today was his first day, and boy is he excited! I got these pics from his teacher while he was there. I’m even more confident this was the best choice for him. 

Our original plan has always been full homeschool. We were open to other options, but figured that would be the best fit for us. I’ve always said we’d take it on a child by child basis. Not implementing a general rule for all of them. 

In the last few months we’ve entertained the idea of sending Easton to a local university model school, and today it became reality! We’ve noticed that he needs some separation and independence from us to thrive. He takes instructions for others well & loves to learn. 

This seemed perfect for us. They do 2 days in the classroom & 3 days of work at home. Direct instruction provided by the school teacher. It’s the best of both worlds! I love the idea of full homeschooling, but had to admit reality. I don’t really have the time, energy or desire to put it all together, and get it completed on my own. I’m willing to forgo my love of an idea, for his ability to thrive in the classroom setting. This is going to be a really good thing. 

Oh, and not only will he be stretched in the classroom, but in so many other ways. For a boy that despises collars on shirts & dress pants, a uniform that requires both is pushing him way beyond his comfort! He doesn’t seem too torn up about it though, since his friends are doing the same. 

Looking forward to seeing how he’s grown & streched this semester.

1 thought on “New School

  1. #1. Look at how excited he is!!! I’m so excited to hear all about his new school!
    #2. These pictures make him look so grown up!!!! Where did Baby E go?!
    #3. I’m anxious to hear how his brothers and sister did while he was away!

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