Toy Minimizing

I’m pretty much in a constant state of purge mode. I take at least trunk load of donations a month, and always have a pile collecting ready to go. I have NO idea how we always have so much stuff! I guess with a family of 6, it just happens… things accumulate pretty fast.

My most recent frustration has been constantly picking up toys. Agh…. I felt like that’s all I did… ALL DAY LONG!

The majority of the problem was my fault. I’m  a little neurotic about having a tidy house. When it’s not, I get stressed. The other was that I stored most of the toys in our living room. That was a recipe for disaster. Adding to it, the kids walked around bored most of the time. Drove ME crazy!

So…. I’ve did some research on minimalism. (Seems like it’s the hot topic of the new year.) Now, I don’t by any means believe we’re there, nor do we want to go that extreme. However, did pick up some good points from that way of life & can adapt them to our family’s needs.

After viewing quite a few minimalist checklists of “things to purge”, it seems that I’m more there than I thought. I don’t even have most of the things they mentioned. This is good!

Back to the toys…My solution, get rid of most of the toys. My husband’s more realistic solution was to move the toys to the toy room that we have upstairs, along with all of the kids bedrooms. Wow, brilliant! 
Now, I did get rid of some stuff. Things that we had duplicates of, or the kids just don’t play with. Most other stuff was moved to the playroom, and a few items were put in their rooms. I’m not a huge fan of filling their rooms with toys, so I kept those to a minimum. I believe it just produces a chaotic & stressful area that is designed for relaxation .

Finally, I’ve starred enlisting the kids to pick up their own toys….I know, groundbreaking, right!?!

I already feel more relieved!

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