Oh, how we love Oregon!!! EVERY SINGLE  time…. It NEVER disappoints! The scenery was beautiful, the adventures were great & couldn’t have asked for better company. The week threw us a curveball with the weather, which made things more interesting. Just made things more interesting. 

First, we got to the airport, checked in & to the gate.  Only to find that our flight to Portland had been cancelled. They had received an unpredicted 10″ of snow the night  before. So, Justin & my bro said, “Well, we’re flying somewhere today!” So we hung out for a few extra hours and hopped on a flight to Seattle. Only to find out, our luggage was headed to LA, & would get to Portland on the next available flight. Our plan was to fly to Seattle, then rent a car & car seats. Then drive to Portland. However,  we heard there was a beautiful Amtrak train that takes the route in the AM. That was the best! No car rental, no car seats & no driving. Perfect! My SIL hooked us up with a night at the Crown Plaza Seattle. Great place, even without luggage! 

The following morning, we took a shuttle, hopped on the train & made our way to Portland. What an exciting day with lots of laughs.

We made it to Portland!!!!! We hung out at my so hospitable other bro & SIL’s place, and enjoyed the snow for a couple of days. They of course took us to some cool spots in the city for a few great views. 

Our original plan was to head to the mountains to ski. However, the roads were just too dangerous, so my bro took care of it. We were off to the coast! Ready to hit the beach,  & enjoy some warm 50 degree weather. It’s always a beautiful drive, but never like this. 

Finally we were there, the coast! Enjoyed a delicious lunch with oyster shooters of course. 

A few more minutes to drive with these views & then to the beach house. 

Not too shabby, morning sunrise view from the house. 

But really, the company was one of the best parts! 

Hung out at the beach, then headed over to the local  marina and enjoyed some fresh crab & clams. 

The next day the boys went to catch their own crab. The gals & babes stayed on land. We enjoyed a cute town with this view & a fun park. 

That afternoon we made our way back to the city  for a few more days. Took in the view again, even though it was a different route. Still beautiful! 

The next few days we laid low,  had some good food & many laughs. Took a short drive to see some frozen waterfalls & headed back home the next morning. 

The trip was unforgettable! We loved spending so much time with our amazing family & beautiful sights. After all, it’s pretty amazing that 6 adults, 6 kids under  6, a snowstorm & a road trip all took place… and there were essentially no conflicts! That’s when you know your in good company. We look forward to MANY more travels with this crew. 

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