The relationship between these two hasn’t always been easy, some days still not. However, I’m beginning to see the beginnings of something very special. 

There’s a bond forming like I haven’t seen before. Today it hit me…. they’re getting along! I haven’t paid much attention to it, but now that I think back, it’s been for quite some time now. Let’s be real…. they still have their moments, but they’re getting along, actually playing TOGETHER more than they ever have. 

Things were really easy after #2 was born until he was about 2. Then, it started to get a little messier. My thought is that when #2 started invading #1’s stuff, it wasn’t much appreciated. It continued that way until about 6 months ago. That’s when #1 may have realized, “#2 isn’t going anywhere & he may be actually someone I can get along with!” Their interests have also become more closely aligned, which also may be a huge factor. 

Whatever it is, I’m so so glad to see it! Now, we’ve got to get #3 & #4 in on that mix. In due time……

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