Quality Time

It’s obvious my kids crave me, need me, want me, depend on me… every minute of the day. Really, think somebody needs or wants something the majority of my waking & sleeping hours.

I’m usually there…. tending to them, caring for them, teaching them. Practically, I’m there. Realistically though, it can be overwhelming & often exhausting. Sometimes I don’t feel like I can answer another request.

Rarely enough do I think about the quality time I spend with them, individually. My common quote is, “There’s 1 mommy & 4 kids. I can only do 1 thing at a time.” It’s true…really, there is.

However, most often I’m trying to do too much. I don’t enjoy them enough. Yes, I do think about the fact that it won’t always be this way. “Someday, they won’t need me.” When I’m in the moment though, the task I’m trying to complete is more valuable than the long term.

Today I had a reminder, when a sweet little one asked me to do Legos with him. I took him up on it. We sat together, just the 2 of us & completed a whole project. Like 45 minutes!

Yep, the others were wandering around, making messes. There was vacuuming & laundry to be done. I let those things wait… this boy wanted his mom. He didn’t care about any of that other stuff, & neither did I. This was HUGE for me. Not normal, but nice!

Just as I suspected, there was a disaster zone when we were done, but was easily cleaned up. That little boy had quality time with his mom,  his Lego airplane & we both had a full heart.

These moments are way more availible than I ever take advantage of. Realistically, no, I won’t be able to sit with them every single time they need me 1 on 1. I still have basic household responsibilities; 4 kids & 1 mommy.

However, I will try to do my best to sit, enjoy & BE with them. Sometimes that means sacrificing my agenda for theirs & that’s ok. The work will wait, more importantly their hearts need a big dose of mommy.

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