Beyond Comfort

Whatever’s fun, whatever’s comfortable, whatever’s easy, whatever’s enjoyable. Our society is completely consumed with comfort. I’m an active participant, so no judgment here! C’mon, why wouldn’t we!?! It’s there!

However, comfort isn’t always what’s best.  We try to teach our kids differently. Now, that doesn’t mean they never get their way, or don’t get to do what they want. BUTTTT…. we do try to force them beyond what they may necessarily WANT to do. It’s good for them. 

Too often, parents completely accommodate their lives around their kids. Whatever makes the kids happy & whats easiest. Like I said, there are MANY times I’m tempted to do this same thing, & I do.

 However,  I do have a husband that is very good at the pushing our comfort.  He pushes all of us to do more, see more, explore more. And we usually love it! The original thought is typically “that’ll be a lot of work & probably some arguing, tears & frustration”, and there is. But, there’s also a lot of fun, experiencing & teachable moments for us all. 

1. We want our kids to know & acknowledge that life doesn’t revolve  around them. They understand that there are many things they don’t have a passion for, but you have give it a try (more than once) before you even know. 

2. Our kids know that you don’t always get to do what YOU want to do. Sometimes, you just have to go along with the rest of us because it’s what someone else wants to do. Putting others before yourself.

3. Life isn’t always comfortable

4. Sometimes you have to do the hard work. Even when you don’t want to or feel like it. 

5. Sometimes you don’t get your way. Be adaptable. 

6. You may be tired or hungry, but that’s no excuse for whining or bad behavior. You’ll eat & get to sleep, but not right now. 

These are overall standards in our home. Yes, we do meet the essential needs & most of our children’s wants. They’re in no way deprived. We believe we’re setting them up for success in prepping them for reality. Our love for our kids is what pushes us. We want to see them grow into adults with much character. 

A few practical ways we do this w/ 4 little ones:

1.  Take them to restaurants

2. Travel

3. Hike, ride bikes, get outside

4. No individual meals. Eat what’s being served.

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