Spring Break

It started out with a BANG! We went on a fun camping trip & got to explore a lot. Had big plans for this week, we really did! Park play dates, real-estate browsing, business planning/dreaming, Science Center, book club for mommy, Zoo, Butterfly house, mommy’s girls painting night, baseball practice & more park visits.

Busy week. Well, we only ended up conquering part of those.  Life happened… kids got snotty noses & coughs, the weather was colder than expected, baby got sick, dinner was barely cooked, mommy got tired & a grocery trip is needed. 

Spring Break looked different than planned. There was WAY more screen time than I’d like to admit and less housework than ideal. Oh, well. We’ll do all of those things… we will. Maybe just not this week or even this month.

Mommy-hood has taught me MANY things. One of the biggest is that I can’t control ANYTHING! Really, as soon as I try to plan & control; things come up. Flexibility has got to be the name of our game. If not, I would live in a constant state of disappointment & dispair.

Thankfully, one thing is for sure! Jesus is my King, He loves me more than I know & IS in control of everything. He already knows exactly what EVERY moment of my life looks like. He has blessed me abundantly. For all of this I am GRATEFUL!

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