Yesterday I was reminded of the pure love that my kids have for me. They do! I have no idea why. I constantly mess up, get angry & frutrated. I’m selfish & put my adgenda before what they need. But they still love me.

It happens time & time again… I screw up, treat them badly & they come running to me as their safe haven. For more love. They’ve probably seen more of my bad days than anyone else on this earth, but they continue to love & forgive.

It’s such a reminder of how I need to love & forgive others. Even them. God continues to love & pursue me every single day. Even when I don’t  pursue Him. What a beautiful picture!

Anyway, we were in the backyard yesterday. One kid wanted to ride a bike & the others wanted to play in the back yard. Again, 1 mom, 4 kids. The bike rider kid was MAD… I mean REALLY MAD, cause he couldn’t do what he wanted right then. He finally calmed down, and next thing I knew… he was walking around the yard picking flowers. I knew exactly what he was doing, and watched with joy. Sure enough, within a few minutes I had a beautiful bouquet & 3 kids bringing me more & more. That brought this mama a big smile & warm heart.

They’re the best, I’m sometimes the worst, but we’re all good & we’ve got love!

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