Mommyhood is HARD

Dang it…. mommyhood is just plain hard!! And sometimes you just need to turn on the TV.

I’ve never been pushed to this extreme amount of discomfort in anything in my life. Oh, and then have to keep doing it again & again & again. Just keeps comin’!

Just being real honest here… I’ve recently described it as being in a pool, drowning, don’t know how to swim, all while others are hanging on to you expecting you to teach them how. What!?! Oh yeah, & you’re gonna have to keep at it…

Yes, mommyhood does have much joy & more love than anyone can ever describe. It’s the one thing in life that stretches me to beyond my extremes for ALL emotions. Love, Fear, Joy, Frustration, Peace, Sadnesss, Gratefulness, Passion, Forgiveness, Generosity, Selfishness & every point in between.

The single greatest thing I’ve learned though, is I CANNOT do it alone! I need the help of Jesus every single moment of the day. He’s my only hope & shows me new mercies each day.

I also need other people. My husband, relatives & friends. This is hard for me…. I like to think I can handle it. I can…. for a while. Then I start to break, crumble, if you will. The constant demand of my body & mind are only good for so much. Then I need to rest. Too often I don’t, then I’m overly drained & it’s not good for anyone.

So, if your feeling exhausted in the mommyhood game. You’re NOT alone! I’m right there with ya. My advice (Clearly I’m no expert,  speaking to myself here), is to pray & seek out help. Find someone to care for those darlings for a bit, while you get your head together. Get some time away & come back with a refreshed perspective.

Spend that time away praying. Pleading with God to reveal your sin, the condition of your heart & mind. Ask him to change your heart, and the hearts of your children. Ask Him to show Himself to you, in a new light. Thank Him for His goodness, mercy, love & the beautiful souls that He’s placed in your home.

Hang in there mama, you’re doing better than you think!

1 thought on “Mommyhood is HARD

  1. You are doing a great job. Let me help you. I love you and I get how you are feeling.


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