All White

It’s done!!! It ACTUALLY happened… my all white walls, that is. When we moved in this house I thought everything about it was PERFECT, even the yellow & green paint! That’s been 3 years, 2 kids & a bit of a style change ago.

About a year ago I decided I wanted all white. Everywhere. I like the clean look & the flexibility to mix & match patterns & colors with it. So… I started with the kitchen. Done. 

Then… I got pregnant… Didn’t think I should take on such a big project while carrying a baby. It was 3 additional rooms & ceilings to take on. Didn’t seem like a good time. So I just lived with it the way it was.

I had some friends find out about my palate change desires & they insisted that they do it for me. What!?! Really!?! They were SERIOUS & ACTUALLY did it! They did the dining room & family room. 

I had baby #4 & time passed. I thought about finishing the one remaining room, but never made it a priority. Then, once again… here they come! Ready to help & serve. I’m tellin ya… these are some one-of-a-kind friends!!!  They did it again, and the project is COMPLETED! It’s incredible & beautiful & clean! Thank you, thank you thank you, to my special painter friends. It means the world! Here’s what they finished up today. 

1 thought on “All White

  1. It looks AMAZING! I want everything white with black trim asap!!!!

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