Fleeting Moments

It’s the only thing that comes to mind when I look a this. I mean, REALLY…. how long are they going to sit in front of a crayon campfire, share chips & giggle.  Gosh…. it’s going so fast!

It’s like every mom EVER says… “days are long, but years go fast”!  AMEN… that’s my daily anthem. Moments like this though… remind me. They put my perspective back into place.

I’m so thankful for these years, these days. That I’m able to be there, witness these sweet moments. Nothing else mattered in the moment. Nowhere else I wanted to be, just THERE, watching them. Playing sweetly, using imaginations & loving eachother well.

Now, let’s be real… it lasted about 2.5 minutes & they were back to the normal. So thankful though,  for that moment to put mama back in check!

Blessed beyond measure.

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