Our School

We’re new to the school game. With one in Pre-K & one in Kindergarten, we’ve only just begun. However, I’ve already learned how many choices there are in schools & curriculums… Whew, it can be completely exhausting & overwhelming. Oh, & everyone has an opinion!!!

I’ve also learned that every family is different & has different needs/desires for their child’s education. Guess what!?!! That’s totally AWESOME!!!! It’s exciting to see parents so involved in their child’s lives that they TRULY want what’s best… for their child & family. My main point… SCHOOL LOOKS DIFFERENT FOR EVERY FAMILY!

We’ve found what works for us… for now. It’s a University Model Christian School. We chose this school for a many reasons, but here’s a few:

• The foundations of The Gospel that are being taught at home are reinforced at school. Not only in the curriculum, but also in the instruction & interaction with the kids. Christ is the center of it ALL.

• Freedom of homeschooling, with structure & socialization of traditional school.

•Small class sizes; all classes are less than 15 students. This allows for much individualized instruction.

• Community of parents & teachers! It is WONDERFUL to be a part of like minded folks, who become more like family.

Clearly we LOVE our school. I’m sure you do too… which is WONDERFUL! Find what fits your child, your family & you. We’re all different & God can be glorified in many, many facets.


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