I’d like to say we’re in transition… but that doesn’t mean much. Considering we seem to be in a constant state of transition. Justin & I are both known to be dreamers. Always ready for a new adventure!

Right now we’ve got our house listed to sell; just waiting for the next steps. Those steps have changed along this journey. However, we are in constant prayer & seeking God’s will as to what he wants for us.

Our hearts are ready & willing to go where God leads. Sometimes it means saying where we are. Sometimes it doesn’t.

A few months ago our heads were telling us that Full Time RV travel was where we needed to be. We were both on board & moving forward. After a few months of planning & prepping for that, things changed.

I began to get a little anxious of the unknown & we still needed a “on the road” job for him. After much prayer & tears we found that it’s not for us right now, at this moment. That may be for us in the future, but not now.

Right now we’re feeling lead to stay local & be in closer proximity to Justin’s office. It makes sense for our family & gives us time to plan. Plan for what lies ahead… whatever that means!

Anyway, we’re happy as long as we’re together. Thankful for God’s grace on us EVERY.SINGLE. DAY.

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