Family Time

Total photo cred to my thoughtful 5 year old. Many times he’s done this… “get together, let’s take a family photo”. Mind you… we’ve never had professional family photos taken. I know… strange!!!! He just has such a passion for our family as a unit. There’s something to that.

It’s caused me to reflect & think. Our kids seem to feel more secure when they’re home & parents are a safe place… naturally. However, lately we’ve learned how IMPORTANT it is for our kids to openly see that we love each other, but love God more.

God has SO graciously opened our eyes over the last few weeks to see his more of His glory through marriage & family. We are learning more each day how much God loves us, by allowing us to have a glimpse of his goodness & grace in our home. Many different circumstances over the last few weeks have forced us to come together as a unit. Many of those moments weren’t easy. However, I’m forever grateful for the picture of Jesus that we’ve seen through it. His LOVE covers all.

May our focus remain on Christ & his design for marriage & family. May we love each other well & make our home a safe place. May we be humble & approachable. Most of all let us glorify Jesus in our every day. Only by God’s grace.

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