Marriage: 8 years

Marriage…… so beautiful, so challenging, so worth it. Eight years ago we were so in love, so young. God has continued to be beyond gracious to us & our family.

The union of marriage is a funny thing, it takes so much WORK, but something we keep coming back & fighting for. There are wonderful times & there are hard times. So much laughter & so much hurt. Surprises & disappointments. It’s all part of the process…growing, changing & maturing.

Our years have been delightful… truly. We had NO idea what it could’ve been though. Through many challenging conversations this year, God has opened our eyes to see how beautiful He designed marriage to be. We continue to grow & consciously have to fight for our marriage daily… all while God continues to be gracious, kind & forgiving as we grow. Obviously, with much, much more to learn. We are so in awe of God, that he would allow us to experience such joy through our union.

We’ve quickly learned that Christ MUST remain the center of our marriage. If we depend each other or material positions, we’ll be continually disappointed. We’re two sinful souls coming together in an attempt to make something beautiful, it’s only possible with Christ. He is our ONLY hope, for each other & for our marriage.

Our years have been beautiful & fun. I look forward to so, so many more my Dear!

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