Kid Inspired

My kids do inspire me sometimes… well, A LOT. Today, I was reminded of how simple, yet capable they are. We had a beautiful morning of adventurous play & so much creativity. Many days aren’t like this, so I’ll cherish today. While I continue to pray for more of these & seek the opportunities often.

We all know how creative kids are when they aren’t bombarded by screens & distractions of this world. Too often I forget though. The screen is much easier & its a quick fix for whatever I need at the moment. However, when they’re all put away & our kids are left with a house full of toys, their imagination & bunch of regular old household stuff, it’s amazing what they come up with. Here’s a few highlights from their creativity today: counting dice game, straw fingers, cardboard box house, soccer, laundry basket dog wash, laundry basket swimming pool.

Many, many, too many times I’m more focused on “things” that I need to do. This isn’t actively pursuing my children, or their heart. Yes, tasks DO need to get done, but they don’t always need to come first. Neither do proper lunch times & nap times & all of the other “times” we put on ourselves. I know, oh… DO I KNOW the benefits of a regular schedule for children. It makes life better, for everyone… but there doesn’t ALWAYS have to be a “thing” or “time” that needs to get done.

As I continue to to pursue my children & their hearts, I’m recognizing that I need to KNOW my children. No, not just know them & what they like, how they speak… but KNOW them. Know their heart, where they’re at, what they’re feeling. In order to do that, I have to spend time experiencing them, studying who they are & what makes them tick. You’d think I would’ve caught on to this whole thing by now.

Recently God has been doing a mighty work in my heart, my children’s hearts & how we relate to one another. I continue to pray for that relationship to foster & grow to look more & more like Jesus every day. In the meantime, we’ll keep plugging away at figuring out how to love, confess, repent & forgive one another. Just as God has done for us!

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