Why Essential Oils?

Many of you know that our family aims to live a pretty natural lifestyle, so it probably doesn’t surprise you that essential oil usage is very prevalent in our home. There are a a few reasons:

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1.) They are safe. The oils that I choose to use are ensured to be 100% pure oil. That’s it, just oil. No fillers, no pesticides, no chemicals… just oil straight out of whatever plant it is taken from. With that, I feel completely comfortable using them on my entire family without a second thought. I even let my kids pick up a squirt bottle of our homemade cleaner with a rag & let them clean away.

2) They are EFFECTIVE. Yes, they REALLY DO work. I trust that they will work, because they haven’t let me down before. In every instance that I’ve used my oils AND been diligent with the routine, they’ve worked. Trust me, my husband was THE BIGGEST sceptic that these “potions” would ACTUALLY do what they say they will…. but HE’S even become a believer!

That’s why we are passionate about our oils. Would you give them a try!?! It feels SO good to be empowered with natural solutions to treating my family. I’ve got what I need, in my oil box, whenever minor issues come as they do.

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