Being a mom brings out so many different aspects of who I am. Different seasons bring different actions, emotions & desires.

Sometimes it’s like a perfectly potted plant. Everything in order, happening as planned and contained.

Sometimes it’s more of a beautiful mess. Full of color & blossoms, with little containment or predictability.

It can be like a circulating fountain that drains into a pool, then recirculates. It’s a beautiful life, but often feeling as if your tasks are the same & never ending.

Once you feel as if you’ve got a simple idea of what you’re doing… things change. You feel as if your in a foreign land with little direction.

Sometimes it’s like a calm reflection pool, observing in the beauty and peace. Taking a breath & looking at your beautiful life. Unable to know how life is passing so fast.

Many times it’s a fun slide you’re riding! Enjoying the thrill & having so much fun.

Then it’s like walking a tightrope or a wobbly bridge. Trying to juggle the needs & wants of everyone else, while trying to balance yourself.

Or climbing large logs to get to the top & realizing it’s just as much work to get back down.

Oftentimes, hauling wood to build a beautifully accomplished life for you and your family.

In it ALL there is beauty & grace. Yes, there are days that you feel like you can’t do it. There are days that it’s a breeze. Every second, we can count on our ever present Jesus, who knows us & loves us. He has given us this beautiful task & will give us the strength to complete His beautiful work!

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