Just Say YES

Oftentimes I find myself focusing so much on my routine, that I miss the opportunities to let go & have more fun. Sometimes I forget to sit and enjoy it all.


However, sometimes I take more opportunities than normal to say, “yes”. Do what’s fun, just because… enjoy the WHOLE experience. Do the things kids suggest. After all, they DO know how to let go of every care & have fun. My kids can teach me so much!

Take the train ride, pet the stingrays, eat the ice cream, brush the goats, run in the splash pad & ride the carousel… even if it’s a little more work & costs a few more dollars. It’s way more fun, & so many more memories are made.

It can’t ALWAYS be like this & your kids will probably still ask for more. Just trust me; the reward is SO great when you say “yes”. There’s so much more left of me to give, when I’m not in a constant battle over things that could be so simple. Laid back is so much more fun!

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