Recent Reads Review

1. ESV Bible

img_3303-1I’ve been slowly reading through the book of Ruth. My only method of this selection was prayer. So, I followed the lead of the Spirit. Ruth has had me focused on the topic of friendship; What true friendship looks like? How to be a Biblical friend? Friendship goals? I’ve been able to focus on how to be thankful for faithful friends as I read through Ruth

2. The Blessing of Humility


I actually bought is book for my husband for Christmas, along with a few others. However, as it sat on our dresser, I thought maybe I was the one that needed to pick it up, take a read. It was a beautiful picture of the Beatitudes as they are discussed throughout the Bible. Specifically, looking at how each of those are valuable & relevant to our daily lives. He encourages to read it slow, in an effort to take time to think on each specific topic. I was greatly humbled throughout each chapter.

3. The Air I Breathe

img_3304-1This is another one that I purchased on that Christmas book spree. It begins with the truth that all humans are created to worship. We are made to worship something; it’s the state of our hearts that determines what & how we worship. This book was helpful to show me when I look at God in a perspective of how Holy & Wonderful He is; how can I worship ANYTHING else more? It gave good, practical examples of how I’m improperly worshiping many other things & how to put God in the right perspective in my worship.

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