Weekly Wears: Spring Week 10

I’m so excited to introduce a new little topic here on the blog…. Weekly Wears! I’ll feature some of my outfits from the week, along with the brands of items.

It’s meant to be more of a style inspiration guide, rather than a shopping destination. I’m intent on making fashionable outfits with what you have vs. going out and buying new clothes every week. I suppose some would say, a more “minimalistic” approach.

You’ll surely see some repeat items, only paired differently. Hopefully you feel inspired by something you see here. Go, be creative & confident with WHAT YOU HAVE… just add in a few fun, new pieces every now & again.

Date: Bonsai Shopping & Mediterranean Dinner



Local Winery Tour

Chandler HillDefiance RidgeSugar Creek



Church & Birthday Party



Casual Kids Birthday Breakfast



Book Club with Friends



**DISCLAIMER** Clearly, I’m no professional model, nor do I have a professional photographer. Just a wife & mom of 4 doin’ my thing.

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon,


***6/4 UPDATE: I’ve decided to add links to similar items that I show in my photos. Since most of my clothes aren’t brand new, my exact items aren’t always available. I do my best research to find items that would create a similar style.**

weekly outfit ideas copy.png

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