Simplifying with Kids


Having 4 little ones, who are still pretty dependent, can have its challenges. I’ve come up with a few methods, that I’ve found to simplify my life when trying to be most productive.

1. Keep dirty dishes minimal.

Water Bottles. They each have this water bottle. All have a different color & know who’s is who’s. They each only have one. I just keep them continually full of water so they can go & grab theirs out of the refrigerator at any time.


2. Do all kid laundry together.

At this point they all share a room, so it’s pretty simple to keep all dirty clothes in one place. Once the hamper looks full, or someone is out of a specific item, I do all clothes in it. Sometimes I don’t even sort it, just throw it all in together.

3. Same nap and bedtimes times for everyone.

We do naps almost everyday and bedtimes are fairly consistent. I like to keep everyone on the same sleep schedule-ish, so that I have some down time when no kids are awake. This is the times that I get work done, relax, workout or even nap. I value this time so much, for my mental & physical health.

4. Limit the toys.

Keep toys pretty simple and minimal. I’ve found that they play better, when they have less to choose from. It’s also less for me to run around behind them picking up.

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