Chicago with Kids: Part 2

In a previous post I showed you when we took our oldest & youngest to Chicago last year. This time it was our middle man’s turn. Justin was there for another work trip, so Brooks & I hopped in the car & took a road trip. Let me tell you, he’s the BEST little traveler. Didn’t even ask for a potty break once!!!

We’d been talking about this trip for weeks, so when we got into the city, he could hardly contain his excitement! He made me roll all the windows down, cause he wanted to “hear the Chicago sounds & smell the smells”. He was PUMPED!!!

We picked Justin up, found the hotel, & checked out the awesome room views. Our stuffed animal lover had a surprise waiting from daddy too!

Our next destination was the highly acclaimed Dylan’s Candy Bar, that his brother had been telling him about. Next we headed to the Millennium Park Jazz Festival that they have going on most of the summer.

It was back to the hotel, but Brooks needed a Klondike Bar (after all of that candy of course) & we wanted an adult beverage. So he scored a free one from the snack room (generosity of the hotel, mainly because he was the only kid around & wearing his cute pj’s). We grabbed a drink at the NICE lobby bar & they brought him a game to play. The hotel scores MAJOR kid points for us!

The next morning he was up bright & early ready to explore. Got ready & headed to brunch at Yolk by 8:00, so we beat the rush! He chose a cheeseburger, cause he’s a rule breaker like that. We were ready to explore all of the touristy stuff, so we did. Some shopping on The Magnificent Mile, Chicago Water Taxi, Navy Pier, Gino’s East Pizza for dinner & a little dinosaur excavation when we got back to the hotel.

Our final day we slept late, brunch at Beatrix, a little shopping for Mama at Nordstrom while the boys sat at the in-store bar. A final stop back at Dylan’s Candy Bar for some treats for the kids at home. (Where my charming hubby scored $60 worth of candy for $25, just because he’s witty)

It was such a beautiful time with this treasure boy, without any interruptions or distractions. He’s the absolute sweetest & has such a heart for his siblings. I think they even missed each other! Easton called and wanted to chat with his bro. Sweet, sweet moments!

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