Weekly Wears: Cool Dude

Kids clothes are so fun! The vibrant colors & pattern varieties are endless…  and kids LOVE pattern on pattern. More recently I’ve decided that I’m only going to buy and keep;

1.) clothes that they ACTUALLY wear

2.) clothes that I prefer to see them in

The rest is a waste…causes WAY too much unnecessary frustration. It’s simply not worth it!


My kids are getting to the ages where they’re forming opinions about their clothing options as well. This can become a challenging battle of the forces, trust me!IMG_6040


Insert, Mac & Mia! We received our first box last week, and we were IMPRESSED for a few reasons…IMG_6049

  1. They do ALL of the hard work for you. The shopping is done, without dragging kids to the store. Check!
  2. The kids (and Mom) get so excited that a box of clothes was especially picked for them AND they get a package in the mail!
  3. Even the most particular clothes wearer in our family, loved his WHOLE box & wanted to keep everything! Now THAT’s definitly a win in my book.
  4. The quality & style of the clothes were TOP NOTCH. Such soft, high quality fabrics. Plus, the styles are not something I wouldn’t usually pick, so it forced me out of my norm.
  5. IMG_6051

Clearly, we are impressed and will be following up with boxes for all of the other kids. IMG_6056

Check it out & give it a try, theres NO  COMMITMENT to keep anything you don’t like.

Plus, you’ll get at $20 credit, just for requesting a box with this link!


five desires for kids

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