Five Desires for Our Kids

1.) Love Jesus: This is ABSOLUTELY #1, simply because when we live in full reliance of our Savior, and recognize our need for Jesus; all of the rest fall into place. Have an undeniable love for God and place your life in full reliance to His will. I pray for this often, because I know only God can change the hearts of these beautiful souls.

2.) Be Respectful: The Golden Rule; treat others how you want to be treated. Respect people that are like you, and people that are different from you. Respect our beautiful world and everything in it.  This DOESN’T mean that you agree with every one, all the time. However, there is a level of acknowledgment and love.

3.) Serve Others: Count others more significant than yourself; put others first. Be ready and willing to serve whomever, whenever. Look for opportunities! This doesn’t mean you let people take advantage of you, but DO put yourself out to be a light in this very dark world.

4.) Be Creative: You BE You; do what you love and find passion in the gifts God has given you. Use those in ways that may be different than others expect. Don’t be afraid to be different, or go against the grain. You are unique in many ways, so live that way.

5.) Seek Adventure: Go beyond what is comfortable and don’t put yourself in a bubble or a “category”. There is SUCH a big, beautiful world out there that God has created. Experience it, be in awe of it, worship Him through it! Don’t always do what’s easy or expected. Be wise, but not scared. You never know what amazing things you’ll find, if you never try.

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