Favorite Aldi Wines

We enjoy wine, however that doesn’t mean we’re fancy. In fact some of my regular favorites come from Aldi. They have an excellent selection with something to fit anyone’s taste. Even better, the prices are very affordable with a quality product!


I’ve found this one to be perfect for a hot summer day. It’s a semi-dry, medium bodied Italian wine. The citrus aromas take you to flavors of peach as well as melon. The finish is crisp & refreshing! Serve chilled with any white sauce pasta, fish, shellfish, fresh salad & mild cheeses.


What a fun summer find!?! This bled of Grenache, Cinsault & Syrah comes from the South of France. It brings fruit aromas & delicate strawberry flavors. The pairings for this are very similar to the white above; white sauce pastas, rice, shellfish, raw & lightly cooked fish dishes & goat cheese.


Red Blends are my go to… I enjoy the combination of flavors that a blend brings. This one comes out of Washington State. It is a fruity blend with aromas of cherries & ripe fruit. Leading to flavors of blackberry jam and subtle oak. Appropriate pairings for this wine are tomato based pasta, red meat & pizza.

Hopefully this inspires you to try some of these or others that are on your list. Wine doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. Just do what I do…. pick a label that you like and give it a try!

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