Taking 4 Kids on Outings

We are a “go” family, so being stuck at home isn’t a good option for us. When Justin is at work or unavailable, I need to be able to handle all 4 by myself.

So, I’ve come up with a bit of a system to keep it all essentially under control when we head out.

1. Arrival: When we arrive, I keep all of the kids in the car while I get the gear out. Then, I get the little ones strapped in their stroller seats before the big boys get out.

2. Transit: I typically take my double stroller. It’s a City Select. I like that the seats are interchangeable, can face either direction, or be taken off completely. I strap the little ones in and have the older ones hold on the sides.

3. Bathrooms: When using the restroom, we head for the handicap accessible one. It’s usually big enough to fit all the kids, the stroller and me.

4. Food: Whether we pack food or buy it, I get a bunch of the same stuff and we all share. Keeps things much simpler than doing separate ones for everyone. I do keep empty snack bags in my diaper bag too, then just divide it up that way.