Why I Blog?

This is an pretty simple question, but the answer has evolved over the six years. Here’s why I have this space today.

1. Family Record: My blogging adventure started when my oldest was a few months old. I had seen other friends keeping record of their family events and felt inspired. It was SO intimidating, but just jumped in and got going on it. I wanted my kids to be able to see what I’ve written, in a virtual aspect, many years down the road.

I originally started with tumblr, but realized it wasn’t the space for what I wanted. Moved over to WordPress in the last few years, which has been a perfect fit and super user friendly!

2. Creative Outlet: I also blog for my own creativity. It’s one of my outlets that I find enjoyable and relaxing. I don’t rely on it for income or any other fame, so the pressure is nonexistent! Just write and share. Some may like it, some may not… that’s ok with me.

3. Share with Others: Our family does a lot! We do some things like most folks, and others, very different. Our hope for this space, is to share and inspire. Take what you like, leave what you don’t. We just hope you feel moved to reflect on this beautiful life that God has created specifically for you. That you’ve got endless opportunities each day, take them!

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