How to Raise Houseplants

I’m no expert, but I do have a few years of successful experience under my belt. I love the freshness & life that real plants bring to a home. Not to mention, they help naturally clean the air. Don’t be intimidated by a silly little plant.I’ve found success with Orchids, without much effort. I simply water them according to the instructions….

1/4 C water weekly OR 3 ice cubes weekly

I put them in a space that has plenty of natural light and trim off any branches that are done blooming or look dead. When I see a new sprout coming up, move the clip or tie on to it, gently guiding it to one of the included stability sticks.

I also enjoy cactus, because they require SO little maintenance. However they bring a similar amount of life as other houseplants. I simply water this one with 3 squirts of water at it’s base, once weekly.

Outdoor annuals and Bonsai trees are fun too! I prefer to have them potted, so I can move them around as necessary or desired.

All of my outdoor plants are watered daily this time of year. The intense heat dries them out enough each day.

Head out and grab a cheap plant and see how it changes the feel of your home. They’re so simple and yet so refreshing!

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