I’ve talked in a previous posts about the format of how we do school. It’s a faith-based University Model school; which means we the kids go to school two days a week and we do homeschool the other three days.

The teacher provides all of the lesson planning and sends home whatever extra worksheets are needed; outside of the purchased curriculum. This is our third year with this school and find that it’s an ideal setup for our family.

I’ve found that some methods work better than others while trying to corral the two littles and do school with the two bigs. Here are some helpful tips.

1. Set out all school work and supplies before starting. It makes it easy to make our way through the stack as we go through material.

2. Put out activities for the little ones to keep occupied. Things such as; coloring, legos, blocks, movie & snack or play dough. They have shorter attention spans, so they move from one activity to the next fairly quickly. Sometimes they stay occupied, other times they end up on my lap.

3. Sit in the middle of the school boys. They’re both pretty young and still need lots of guidance with their work. I’m also a barrier that keeps their magnet hands off of each other. We do subjects together, so it’s a good way to stay on track too.

On school days they look like this, and we head out the door by 8AM. They spend all day away, and I get most of my errand running done with only two little babes.

Our family is mightily blessed by the school, teachers and friends that we’ve made along the way. We look forward to many more years like this!

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