Product Review: Shark Ion

This little gadget is one of those things that we held out on for WAY TOO LONG! It’s the Shark Ion Vacuum. A robot vacuum that has changed the way we live.

We always knew it would be convenient, but weren’t completely sold on the capability to keep up with us, and our small children messes. Boy, were we WRONG!!! We’ve had it for about six months & it never disappoints.


1. The convenience of being able to turn it on and walk out of the house, or do ANYTHING else. I always feel like I’m multitasking! The robot does its job, so I can do something else. I even use it multiple times a day… I KNOW I wouldn’t do that with any other vacuum. Oh, and it’s got WiFi, so you can start it from your phone when you aren’t even home. Or set timers do run at certain times if the day.

2. The battery life is phenomenal! It can run for over an hour before returning to its dock to charge. I don’t remember any time that I vacuumed for an HOUR straight.

3. The suction and transition between flooring types is an ease. It picks up things that our Shark upright wouldn’t even pick up. Then, transitioning from carpet to wood to tile is a non-issue.


1. The canister is smaller than a normal upright. The canister and roller brushes do have to be emptied on a very regular basis, such as, every few uses. I was SHOCKED at the amount it holds for the size of the container though!

2. It doesn’t have a mapping memory, so may not get every spot in the first round. I typically run it at least twice a day though. It’ll usually pickup whatever it missed on the next time around.

3. Kids sometimes think it’s a toy… but hey, so do I. Whatever gets them to do chores, I’m FOR IT!


We would DEFINITELY purchase this item again! We have been so impressed by the durability & capability of this little machine. I haven’t vacuumed in MONTHS, yet my floors are still clean! That’s a WIN.

Get yours HERE!

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