Sticky Free Fruit Fingers

My boys have many similarities and also many differences, as most families do. When it comes to texture, one is more sensitive than the others. He has always been a super clean eater, while the others will walk around with food on their faces. No worries for them!

When it comes to fruit, sticky hands can cause him to steer clear. The other day we had some kiwis on hand. He wanted one, and my thought was, “how am I going to make this easy for him to eat?”. Obviously, I wanted him to enjoy the deliciousness of the kiwi and get all of the nutritional benefits. I knew that the juicy fruit wouldn’t fly for his fingers though.

Ah ha… I peeled the kiwi and stuck it on a fork! It was a success. He even came back for more. I prefer to create as few dirty dishes as possible, and want to encourage them to choose healthy options. Stay tuned for some more posts like this, as it comes up often.

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